We know that no one wants to sit around a dark bar, bored, drinking a stale beer while watching the same old news story on the tube.  Not going to be a problem while you're here !!!

We have a lot going on! Break out your inner Superstar with our Karaoke hosts, Paradigm Entertainment.  They've been moving the floor around here since we opened and know how to get a crowd up on their feet.  Practice your best Riverboat Gambler routine in our Texas Hold 'Em poker nights.  If Pool is more your game, then you'll want to check out the two pool tables, sign up for the 8 Ball and 3 Ball Tourneys, and have a great time.  Between the already mentioned distractions to your day, add Darts, Cornhole on the patio or just sitting back, strike up a conversation, and watch the crowd.